Division of Teacher Education, Leadership, and Research

Division of Teacher Education, Leadership, and Research

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The Division of Teacher Education, Leadership, and Research is a robust and innovative division within the College of Education and Human Sciences. An undergraduate degree in Elementary Education (both on campus and Hinds Community College) is offered within the division. The graduate programs include an array of degree options for those seeking to expand their expertise through continued education. These programs include a Master’s and Specialist’s in Elementary Education, Master of Arts in Teaching (Alternate Route), Master’s and Specialist’s in Educational Administration and Supervision, Specialist’s in Higher Education, Specialist’s in Curriculum and Instruction, and Doctor of Professional Studies (tracks in Higher Education, Educational Administration and Supervision, and Curriculum and Instruction).


Dr. Corlis Snow – Interim Chair
P: 662-846-4370
F: 662-846-4309

The department’s outstanding faculty possess an array of expertise in teaching and learning in the areas of elementary education, special education, and educational administration. The overarching goal of the division is to provide high quality instruction coupled with targeted and intensive clinical practice to prepare future and existing educators to transform K-12 education. Through mutually beneficial partnerships with P-12 schools, alumni, and stakeholders, our programs within the Division of Teacher Education, Leadership, and Research are able to provide a level of preparation for our candidates that simultaneously benefit P-12 children. Candidates in each of our programs are provided extensive opportunities to make bridge theory and research to practice and to engage in interactive teaching and learning.

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